Eat Natural

Everyday we make Britain a nuttier place to live in thanks to Eat Natural’s range of fruit & nut bars and Toasted Mueslis, available widely across the UK. There is also a fantastic range of nut-free bars for kids called Lunchies.

José Pizarro

Nourish likes to go on Spanish time too. Since we launched we’ve worked tirelessly (often whilst drinking a cold ‘fino’) to help put the godfather of Spanish food, José Pizarro, on the map. Look out for his first solo restaurant venture this April, José, in London’s Bermondsey Street.

Delhi Grill

At the end of last year we went ‘Dhaba’ mad with the opening of Chapel Market’s exciting Delhi Grill –serving real, honest, affordable Indian street food. Everything is cooked from scratch to age-old family recipes, and you won’t find a stir-in sauce in sight.

Tsuru Sushi

Who said sushi couldn’t be sustainable? Nourish works with London’s top sustainable sushi chain Tsuru, who earlier this year launched their third City site. Their Chicken Katsu sandwich features regularly in ‘London’s Best Sandwich’ write-ups as it continues to be a massive lunchtime seller.

Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore has been serving up romantic meals for nearly 8 years in the heart of Covent Garden. Marcellin, the new and rather shy but Michelinny-backgrounded head chef, is going great guns there. Typical plates include Devon Crab with Smoked Anchovy Mayonnaise, Braised Shoulder of Loire Valley Rabbit, and Oven Bakes Arctic Char. There is also a big focus on game here – at any time there are usually around 5/6 game dishes on the a la carte menu.

The Caldesis

I’m very proud to work with Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi, who run both Caffe Caldesi in Marylebone and Caldesi in Campagna, in Bray. They also run a busy cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi, behind their restaurant in Marylebone. Katie and Giancarlo are passionate about what they do and work tirelessly to deliver stunning, regional Italian food and wonderfully interactive cookery classes. They have also just published a beautiful book all about how to make ingredients from scratch, and how to preserve, called The Gentle Art of Preserving.


Love pork? Then look no further than Blackfoot, opening up in December in Exmouth Market in London. Tom Ward, formerly of LEON, has joined forces with LEON co-founder Allegra McEvedy to create a restaurant on one of London’s foodiest streets, where the focus is on Pork dishes. Sourcing is from the wonderful Dingley Dell in Suffolk so expect big dishes with plenty of flavour. There will be roasts, cuts, and a daily Porchetta.

Laura Santtini

Indie gastropreneur LAURA SANTTINI, is the world's first kitchen agony aunt and the UK’s most glamorous gastropreneur. She's half Italian, a quarter Persian, a pinch of Sephardic and the rest is topped up with an English-Irish mix, she's the genetic equivalent of a Molotov cocktail. She runs Santini restaurant in Ebury Street and also created the hugely popular Umami #5 and BOMBA XXX pastes.

Mirabilia Tea

Olive leaf tea was made locally for hundreds of years, being prized for its extraordinary health-enhancing properties. Mirabilia is reviving this ancient tradition by harvesting the leaves, lightly slow-drying them once the dew has dried off, allowing maximum benefit to be derived from them and ensuring that the extremely high level of all‐important anti‐oxidants and oleuropein are maintained. Mirabilia organic olive leaf tea is caffeine and tannin‐free, leaving absolutely no residue in the cup or on the teeth. The tea is free from bitterness and full of smooth fresh flavour, it is equally refreshing when drunk cold. The taste on the palate is a woody, leafy flavour – almost unperfumed, and wonderfully natural.

Bloom’s Popcorn

Bloom’s is made by hand, in the heart of Essex, in the old-fashioned way using traditional pans. The recipe calls for jumbo mushroom kernels from the American Mid-West to ensure giant-sized, crunchier and more satisfying pieces than standard gourmet popcorn. And it’s jam-packed with wonderful ingredients sourced from all over the world – from as near as Maldon in Essex (salt) and as far as the Spice Trail (Bird’s Eye Chillies).


Gran Luchito is a smoked chilli ‘salsita’ made in Mexico from five rare Oaxacan chillies and it is available from Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Booths, Fortnum & Mason as well as from various independent delis across the UK. Gran Luchito was created to satisfy a craving for the ultimate in authentic Mexican chilli pastes and was borne out of a frustration at not being able to find anything like it on the market. Fergus travelled to the remote chilli farms of the Oaxaca region in order to find the best chillies and the best way to make his sauce. And Gran Luchito was born.


Northbank restaurant, which opened in 2007 and which sits right opposite the Tate Modern overlooking the River Thames have created a stunning menu dedicated to owner Christian Butler’s Cornish roots. He and his team have created menu where diners will find Cornish cream teas, traditional dishes such as ‘Hog’s Pudding’, and a serious line of Cornish and London meads and Cornish Ales on the bar menu too. For wine lovers, there’s a focus on fine wines, which are regularly slashed in price – for example, a Hermitage Delas 2007 is £150, down from £212. There’s also a covetable standard wine and cocktail menu too. Spring cocktails include delights such as Cornish Spring Sling – fresh fruit juices shaken with Wyborowa vodka, Licor 43 and topped up with Joseph Perrier champagne.