How to run a marathon and still love your food

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March 10, 2012
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How to run a marathon and still love your food

So, today I ran around my local park for around 30 mins.

This probably sounds very easy to you but to me it felt like I’d climbed a mountain. Everything hurt, and I wheezed and coughed and moaned to myself throughout, but I did it.

Around 2 months ago – after a fairly long period of heartache after my fella and I parted ways, and a creeping up of dress sizes which horrified me – I decided to do something about it. I needed a focus to distract me which didn’t involve running my lovely company, drinking wonderful cocktails, smoking fags, crying over the ex, or eating in fabulous restaurants.

I needed to do something different. After years of silently hating park joggers, with their smug ‘tracky bottoms’ and ergonomic water bottles, I’ve become one of them. I have been seeing the brilliant Roy at Bodyline Studios in Ealing for over a year now, and gradually I’ve been getting physically stronger. But none of it has stretched me because I was just drifting and so deciding to run the Ealing Half Marathon in September was a big decision but something that I needed to do.

The biggest challenge I’m going to face is that i love my food. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I live and breathe it – my PR company looks after food brands and wonderful restaurants – and so every waking working hour is spent thinking or talking about food. It’s a borderline obsession. The only thing I hate eating are Oysters and Okra – and I now even devour the latter thanks to restaurants like Delhi Grill and their amazing crispy Okra.

I’ve decided to do a couple of sessions with Jo Scott-Dalglish, a nutritionist that works well with people who are in training. Yes I have to keep a food diary but surely that’s no bad thing. I’ll have to admit to those 5 mini eggs I had last night.

Hopefully you’ve read this far and not got too bored. I know – I surprise myself. I am now the one in the smug running pants and posh water bottle and I am feeling better for it. I have lost a little weight (small steps….) and though it’s hard, and I get tired (and REALLY hungry) I think it’s starting to pay off.

I’ll be writing about the changes I’ll be going through in the next five months. I’m looking forward to it (she says, wheezing.)